Keystone Aspire

Parental Engagement for teachers
Keystone Aspire offers bespoke parental engagement sessions for teaching staff across primary and secondary education. These continuing professional development (CPD) talks will inspire your teachers to bridge the gap with aspirational parents.
Bespoke talks and workshops
Based on leading theories in education, psychology and health, these high-quality sessions target the specific parental engagement issues facing your school. I can deliver talks in whatever format and size you prefer, from evening slots to in-depth workshops on inset day. I firmly believe teachers should have something practical to take away, which is why I partner with Sally Graham, a leading educator and accredited coach. She will help your staff understand how best to apply parental engagement in practice. No other CPD speaker in this field currently offers this unique combination.
What the sessions offer: 
These bespoke CPD sessions investigate a range of topics, including:
  • Getting parents to engage: what the research says
  • Practical tips for effective parental communication
  • Do’s and Don’ts for school report writing
  • Research Review: where does aspiration come from?

To discuss how a bespoke parental engagement session could inspire the educational staff at your primary or secondary school, please get in touch.

“I haven’t met anyone like Kathy before, she is energetic yet reflective, articulate yet an attentive listener. She is interested in people from all walks of life and goes out of her way to seek the best opportunities for everyone she meets” (Shirley Hayman, Head of Nursery, Beechwood Park School).
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