Keystone Aspire

Motivational talks for Parents

Keystone Aspire offers two-hour motivational talks for parents of primary and secondary school children. Outlining teachers’ roles and what parents can achieve at home, parents are inspired to “get on board” with schools and actively engage in their child’s learning.

Get parents on board

My talks will help aspirational parents optimise their involvement in their children’s education. As a mother, I understand the drive behind aspirational parenting and the need for parents to become “first teacher” to their children. Relaying relevant research evidence in uncomplicated terms, I will deliver the facts sensitively to a range of audiences, e.g. engaged or disgruntled parents, those who pay for education, and those who do not.

What the talks cover

Based on leading research in education and health, these talks explore:

  • Education – Tips for pre-school parents, choowing schools, interpreting school reports, what research says about popularity in the playground.
  • Aspiration – Background to aspirational parenting, private versus state education, tips for managing private education on a budget.
  • Family and home life – different parenting styles, tips for busy parents, male role models for a child’s well-being, what sends children off the rails (and what stops them!).

I can help you build a foundation for better parent-teacher relationships that will inspire parents and motivate young people to thrive. To learn more, get in touch.


“Dr Weston ¬†delivered key messages in her relaxed and friendly style, backed up by high quality research. This allowed our parents to leave the session feeling inspired and empowered to support their children’s learning.
Headteacher, Julie Winwood, Aston St Mary Primary School, Stevenage, 2015.
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