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Pressure on schools is immense

In addition to supporting young people, teachers must juggle increasingly heavy workloads and manage expectations of parents who want the best opportunities for their children. While both are focused on inspiring young people to succeed, tensions between busy teachers and perceived “pushy parents” can feel like barriers to achieving this goal.

Bridging the teacher-parent gap

Distilling leading academic research into uncomplicated practical tips, Keystone Aspire’s motivational talks inspire better communications between teachers and parents. This takes pressure off schools, while helping young people (primary and secondary) to thrive. In addition, I offer 1:1 mentoring for young people (16 +) to help them tackle the educational hurdles and opportunities they face.

The evidence-based approach is why schools regularly hire me for:

Next Steps

As an academic and mother, I know that bridging the gap between teaching and parenting is not always easy. To discuss how a bespoke talk could improve the situation at your school, get in touch.

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