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Dear parents and teens, thank you for attending my recent talk on “Optimal pathways towards Success”.  Please find below a list of some useful websites/resources that I have compiled to help guide students towards positive choices in terms of subject choices at school and when considering future study or career plans. This is not an exhaustive list and will be constantly updated and revised.

Help figuring out who they are/exploring career options

Try a university course out (most will run these free online taster courses). For example, check out:


Choosing a university:


Alternatives to University:


Someone for your child to talk to:


Academic mentoring:

Past papers:


CV enriching:


Internet safety (advice for parents)


Inspiring holiday schools/courses


Revision courses:

GCSE and A Level revision course centres in London and across the UK. Offering a wide range of exam revision courses and tutoring since 1981.

See also:

Check out the offering from Bright Young Things (based locally in St Albans!)



Confidence building: (Dr Weston often runs these for young and people and adults! Just keep up-to-date with her courses on Facebook (Keystone Aspire)….


Learning assistance (special needs):


Useful books:


Inspiring videos:


February 1st, 2017

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