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The challenges of parenting

We all want what is best for our children, but with so many opportunities it can be hard to know exactly what will help them flourish. Combine busy work and homes lives, and knowing exactly how to inspire or motivate your child can seem like an impossible task.

Practical advice for parents

Keystone Aspire’s courses and motivational talks for aspirational parents help you think differently about family life. They embrace the latest research evidence from the worlds of education, psychology and health – distilling it into practical tips you can apply effectively in the home. Whether you are a parent to primary or secondary school children, this invaluable knowledge will enthuse you to optimise your child’s chances in life, laying a solid foundation for a bright future.

My selection of motivational talks and courses includes:

The Dandelion Parenting Programme – This six-week course, rooted in the latest academic research, gives aspirational parents the tools to enrich their child’s learning and home life.

Public talks – I run regular public talks, covering all aspects of aspirational family life. These include practical “try-at-home” tips for improving your child’s learning and overall well-being.

Next Steps

As  a mother, I know just how important it is do the right thing by your child. For booking enquiries, or to learn more about how my talks and courses could help you, get in touch.

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