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Welcome to my site where I will be regularly sharing my thoughts on themes to do aspiration within education, parenting and family life.

So let’s start with the 5 basics…

  1. Why I have chosen to focus all of my talks & workshops around the theme of aspiration? 

Coming from a research background, I hold my hands up that I strongly believe there are ‘answers’ out there, or at least very well researched ideas, and I am passionate about not letting all that knowledge get wasted – as it too often does. In fact, this wisdom is easily captured into ‘golden nuggets’ of advice that can be applied at home, to great effect.

In the UK it is an unfortunate fact that children whose parents are better off, generally do better at school, in life, and even become healthier adults. For parents who are able to send their children to private schools, their kids gain even greater advantage, as they are consistently found to enter higher professions, earn more money, reach the echelon of powers, excel at sport and have more social skills to boot!

As parents, we can’t always easily improve our economic situation, but there are plenty of things we can do to help our children, not just to thrive, but to excel, so that they too have a chance of being happy, socially mobile, articulate, confident and successful adults. Only by giving parents the motivation, information and tools on how to do this, will anything ever change.

2. Isn’t aspirational parenting just about being a ‘pushy parent’?

A popular myth about ‘being an aspirational mum’ is that it equates with being a pushy tyrant! but this is NOT the case. Where pushy parents might push and shove, aspirational parents only believe in gentle nudging. Pushy parenting might get ‘results’ in terms of academic attainment but it often leads to children feeling dis-empowered, unhappy and even resenting their parents! A balance is required between giving children the best possible choices and opportunities during their childhood whilst making sure they are physically and psychologically well, happy in themselves and enjoying the process of discovering what makes them ‘tick’.

3. What exactly is ‘aspirational parenting’?

Here is my checklist on what I believe is the true definition of an aspirational parent. Hope the description fits… and I look forward to seeing you at one of my events very soon!

An aspirational parent…
Is passionate about their child
Is attuned to their child’s emotional and physical needs
Is committed to nurturing their child’s interests and talents
Gives their child access to a wide range of opportunities and experiences
Believes knowledge is power
Believes in carefully ‘weighing up’ decisions that affect their child’s future
Is happy to advocate for their child, whenever necessary
Never pushes, but always nudges
Always asks ‘what is the best pathway for my child’? Rather than, ‘what is the easiest one’?
Strives to work in partnership with their child’s teacher and values their role.

4. How do I go about attending any of your events/workshops?

Typically, schools book a Keystone Aspire talk – choosing from the menu of subjects listed under the TALKS section of the website. Alternatively, anyone can get in touch by emailing me: Any parent is welcome to attend the The Dandelion Parenting Programme which lasts 6 weeks (2 hour sessions per week) and only runs twice per year.

5. How much do you cost? 

My 1:1 mentoring sessions with young people last 2 hours at a cost of £65. The cost of my talks in nurseries and schools depends on audience size, location and the specifications of the school, but normally range between £400 and £850 per talk.


August 13th, 2015

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