Keystone Aspire

The Dandelion Parenting Programme


Speaker: Dr Kathryn Weston 
Dates: Friday, 8 January 2016 at 19:00 – Friday, 12 February 2016 at 22:00 (GMT)

The Dandelion* course is a six week programme which aims to explore all elements of aspirational family aspiration. Ideal for parents looking to enhance their child’s academic progress, or as a follow up to the topics explored in one of my public talks or school talks, you will receive evidence-based practical tools that will inspire your children to new heights.

Who’s it for?

Any parent or carer of a child under 12, who would like their child to excel in life.



The Dandelion Parenting Programme is rooted in leading academic research in the fields of health, psychology and education. I refine this evidence into practical tips that you can apply at home. The course also offers the unique opportunity to reflect on your aspirations and those of your family, in a safe environment, with like-minded parents.

What the course covers

With evidence from leading parental research, the course covers:

  • the role of family life in developing a child’s positive “sense of self”
  • Effective praise and motivation
  • Authoritative parenting in practice
  • The home learning environment
  • Relationships with teachers and school
  • Family value and motto making.

When and where?

The next course runs from January 8th – February 12th, taking place every Friday evening (7-930pm). It costs £215 per person and places are limited to 25 people. Be sure to book early!


If you have any queries before booking, I’d be delighted to discuss them with you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.


*Dandelions are often plucked by young children, who then promptly make wishes as they blow furiously into them. Dandelions are beautiful symbols of aspiration and of aiming higher. Whatever our children wish for themselves, let’s help them get there. 

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