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I have been asked by numerous men (husbands of friends) this week about suggested gifts for their spouses – hence this blog post. Hope it helps, gentlemen! I have made it easier for you, as you simply have to think about the sort of woman she is and that can be your starting point…sorry if some of the suggestions are on the pricey side, but surely she is worth it?
1. You think she is a great mum
2. You don’t have a clue, but want it to look nice and arrive in a gorgeous, wrapped box.
3. She is a clever clogs
Lots of funny and eclectic items on sale here for the intellectual in your life!
4. She is sporty and sexy

You may have noticed that transparent leggings are all the rage at the moment! Women who love yoga or running love Lulu Lemon leggings with the transparent bits that are not only super sexy but totally fashionable. Order hers online:
5. She says you aren’t romantic
I promise you right now, even if she been to lots of hotels in her life, she will find this one, one of the most impressive and you will have the most romantic of times in this historic and beautiful city.

While you are there, Give Roy Spence a call and book a private viewing of her favourite film (for free) in his tiny, luxury, retro cinema in Comber (028 9187 2480) which a mere 30 minute drive from Belfast.
6. She loves chocolate
Yes, but don’t just buy any chocolate. Ask for something personalised from Hotel Chocolat OR take her on romantic day trip to Hampstead and visit Cocoa Bijoux where she gets to sample and choose her very own selection!
7. She thinks you don’t appreciate her
I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t like a gorgeous bag…maybe I am wrong but I don’t think you will be in the dog house if you search on either of these sites…
8. She thinks the house is a mess and no-one ever helps tidy it up
As well as getting the kids to help out more, you could hire someone to get the family sorted!
9. She IS superwoman

Go on, she will be smiling for weeks!
10. She says she wants to learn something new
Introduce her to School of Life with its classes, lectures and learning community for those with active minds…
11. She hates her hair
Why not treat her to the ultimate pamper with the best hairdresser in London? Paul Edmonds (celebrity stylist of the year 2017)
12. She has been through a lot recently
Give her a beautiful umbrella, accompanied by a note saying that you are there for her rain or shine…then book number 5.
13. She is a worn out mummy 
Neal’s Yard products are just gorgeous and what’s more, made organically and with no nasty substances lurking. They have a range of stunning gift boxes available, depending on her mood.
14. She has a massively important social event coming up
What can be more luxurious, or exciting that having your own couture dress made in a private atelier in Islington by Maltese designer, Kevin Muscat?

December 5th, 2016

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